Few interesting books about


  • C.L.Ma collection: Traditional chinese furniture from the greater Shanxi region, by Curtis Evarts ( published by C.L.Ma Furniture)
  • Classical chinese lacquered furniture, by …( published by The forbidden city publishing house)
  • Connaisseurship of chinese furniture, Ming & early Qing dynasties, by Wang Shixiang ( published by Joint publishing, HK)
  • The art of woodcarving- an Exhibition of chinese antique furniture ( published by …..sorry, written in chinese language)
  • Permanence-Classical chinese stone furniture, by Jerry J.Chen & Christophe W.Mao ( published by Art & Collection Co)


  • Le masque de la Chine ( french edition), by Yves Crehalet ( published by Actes Sud)…about chinese masks
  • Prince des cimes (french) , by Henri Bussiere ( published by Edition Adamas)…booklet about art from the chinese Nuossu  minority ( Yi group
  • Changjiang Liuyu Gudai Meishu, shiqian zhi donghan ( Qimuqi)…Interesting book about the Han dynasty lacquerware & woodcarving


  • The sacred art of Tibet, by M.Rhie & R.Thurman  (published by Thames and Hudson)
  • Tibetan sacred art, by Detlef Ingo Lauf ( published by White orchid books)


  • The Yao , by Jess Pourret ( published by Amarin printing and publishing public)
  • Jarai, by B Goy & JY Coue ( published by Les indes savanTES)


  • The charm of Lanna woodcarving , by N Punjabhan !published by Rerngrom publishing co)
  • Burmese crafts , by S Fraser-Lu ( published by Oxford university press)
  • Burmese lacquerware, by S Fraser-Lu ( published The Tamarind press)
  • Burmese buddhist sculpture, by O Karow ( published by White lotus)
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